Motion Compensation Systems and Solutions from the Experts at Devin International

Nature has many ways to challenge offshore well operations: storm systems, tidal waves and loop currents. Platform motion can make your work conditions very dangerous. Uncorrected, this platform movement can even shut down your operation. Devin International has the proven and trusted answers to effectively deal with the motion compensation challenges.

When performing well intervention operations in deepwater or harsh environments, Devinís Motion Compensation Systems ó Motion Buster, DIME, Dual DIME, Motion Compensating Coil Tubing Lift Frames and DALF ó provide the coiled tubing support necessary to ensure safe, efficient and accurate operations.

Devinís Motion Compensation Systems are passive compensators that react to the motion encountered and allow your equipment to stay in place, relative to the sea floor. Working with air over nitrogen, the systems are very easy to operate. The stability provided reduces the risk of injury and allows you to operate in difficult conditions.

Devin's Motion Compensation Systems are not only one of the few systems available in the industry; we believe youíll agree, Devin's motion compensation systems are the best.
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Motion Compensation System
Devin's Motion Compensation Systems, such as the Motion Buster, greatly increase the safety and efficiency of well intervention projects.

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